Hello, I am Danny and I am designing in Denver.
I am currently working Product Design at Travelport where we are reimagining how agencies book travel for their corporate travelers world-wide. I've focused on our travel APIs, airline content and ancillary retailing to create a point of sale that meets the usability needs of an emerging younger workforce of remote travel agents; and addressing the complexities of multiple supplier sources and regional requirements. In my 10+ years here I have overseen high visibility projects to retool our flagship point of sale software in order to: present rich content on par with provider direct channels, create a base for innovative future facing features, and decrease our reliance on antiquated and costly legacy applications.

I am a Denver native. Graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver and have been in the design industry for 20+years. I am still as passionate about my career as I was on the first days of my first jobs designing the first websites for a number of great corporate and consumer brands. I've seen the field of User Experience Design blossom into the vibrant and ever-evolving area of creativity it is today, and have successfully applied design process and methodologies to great success.

I am an avid traveler, an always doodler and photographer, an inquisitive foodie, the family genealogist, a happy gardener, a clueless carpenter and a home chef.  
I'm designing in Denver. Reach out.
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Insight & Ideation

While User Experience is indeed gaining a foothold in corporations, it is still an emerging field — and many enterprise companies struggle with how to best integrate design specialist into the product life-cycle.
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Collaborative Design

The design process is collaborative. When empowered to do so, your design team should seek to involve stakeholders across the organization and actively engage customers at every stage.
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